Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starters and Backgrounds :O

Whoo hoo, my first blog. Figured it would make the most sense to write out a quick introduction before we get started, so here we go.

About me: I'm currently an unemployed vet. Nothings been turning up yet and I've been jumping into indy games more than mainstream ones lately, seeing as they're cheaper. But then when I googled up some of them I found that there was nothing out there. Since I'm doing nothing lately and have time on my hands, I decided to start writing about them.. There isn't much for decent content out there about all the unadvertised internet games and I'm gonna put some out there. Hopefully y'all like it.

My interests: I like reading, cooking and, of course, gaming. Gaming is my drug of choice and has been since I was 6 or 7 playing pong. I've constantly gamed from a young age and I love all sorts of games. The only genre I'm not terribly huge about is sports. It used to be more fun to play, now it feels like the games are less about playing and more about liking the feel of sports, which I'm not terribly interested in. If I wanted to play sports, I'd grab some buds, a ball and go outside and play. Not sit inside on a console.

How I'm gonna do this: My plan is to be helpful, not so much spout my opinion about the virtues (or lack of them) to a particular game. The first game I'm going to do info about is Bloodlines Champions, a free-to-play game on Steam. It's actually a pretty kickass game for being free. If you don't know it, I suggest checking it out. Worst comes to worst, you don't like it and just uninstall, no money wasted.

I kinda think that this entry doesn't belong here, so maybe I'll take it out in the future. For now, it stays and we begin.

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