Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bloodlines Champions Overview

Bloodlines Champions is a free-to-play game published by Funcom currently available on steam. Not too big of a game only 885 MBs. It's not very intensive on the cpu/RAM either. Very nice, compact, effective little package here.

Bloodlines Champions doesn't make money from ads or spyware or any of that jazz, but rather it makes money by microtransactions. For example, there are always 4 randomly chosen character you can play (out of 24) but to constantly be able to play one, you must pay for it. There are two ways to pay; one way is to play the game and make 'blood coins' from both winning and losing (you make more from winning) as well as earning achievements (winning 10 games for example). After playing a good bit, five hours or so, you'll have saved up enough to buy one more character. After that it takes more playing to buy new ones, but it's still very doable and it's pretty enjoyable to do. The other way to buy characters is to use real money, this is how BLC makes money. Other things to buy outside of new heroes in this game are titles, avatars, alternate costumes for your characters and emotes for them as well, among a few other things.

With all this out of the way, lets get on to how the game itself is played!

The game uses an overhead view, and you move with WASD to move left, right, up, down and diagonally. Pretty simple stuff to do, pretty hard to do well because of how fast paced the game moves and how chaotic the game can be when you have 6 ppl all going crazy at once.

And this is the ability bar all characters have (albeit with different abilities). The character I am using right now is the igniter, a creepy little pyromaniac and his abilities reflect his obsessions with fire.

At the very top of the his abilities there's a 1765. That's my pyros hit points. Beneath that is a 0%, that's the energy bar. Every attack you land on an opponent gives you energy. The amount of energy they give depend on the attack, some give a little, some give a lot. You use energy for your ultimate and for your Z and X abilities.
Beneath that are your abilities. The two main abilities you will be using are the LMB (left mouse button) which is usually the default attack that has no cooldown, and RMB (right mouse button) which defaults to a ranged attack, or a stronger ranged attack if your default attack is normally ranged.
Spacebar defaults to movement abilities, from teleports to speed boosts to charges. The Q button defaults to a control type ability or aoe type abilities. In the pyros case, his q targets the ground, and a fiery graphic will appear. After one sec, it will explode, doing damage and stunning anyone still inside the circle. Q abilities are often this case.
E button varies wildly depending on the class, but it's usually an additional attack.
The R button defaults to a defensive type ability, often damage shields or damage immunities for a short period of time.

The F button is your ultimate ability. The actual content of the ability itself often varies, but it almost always involves doing massive damage to an opponent. The F button requires an 100% energy bar.
Maybe you're wondering why there is a Z and an X beneath two of the pyro abilities. Well, those are special abilities that are very circumstantial, but INCREDIBLY powerful when used. So powerful in fact, that when you use them you spend 40% of your energy bar to use them. Not only that, but when you use a Z or an X ability, the corresponding ability is also put on cooldown. So if you were pyro and you used his Z attack, your RMB will also be put on cd and vice versa. Gotta be careful when using these abilities and make sure they count or you'll be screwed out of an ultimate. That being said, a well-timed X or Z can be stronger than an ultimate if used correctly.

Those are your basics of BLC. Next up: Classes of BLC.

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