Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BLC - The Spearmaster

The Spearmaster. He's real good with his stick of his. Poke poke. He's also really good at killing you with said stick, lets jump right into him. 

LMB: Slash. A melee-ranged attack that hits for moderate damage.  No cooldown.

While it looks like it can potentially hit more than one person, it can't. It's your basic go-to damager that does decent damage and builds up respectable energy. 

RMB: A thrown spear with a rope attached to it. Does light damage and grappling hooks you to whoever you hit with it. 

This is a great ability that you will use quite often as a spearmaster. Even at range he is an immediate threat because you can close even large distances VERY quickly upon landing this ability. It also generates a LOT of energy, which is great. 

Z: Does slightly more damage than RMB and instead of you jumping to your opponent, your opponent gets dragged to you. 

Great ability to use when you need to stop someone from casting and also to put you in position to create some pressure. Nail em with Z, stun em w/ Q and go to town!

Spacebar: Spearmaster goes invisible for a few seconds and becomes immune to all strikes and also gets a speed boost. Unfortunately, you do almost no damage for the duration. No energy gain on use. 

This is an intensely good ability because it allows you get in up close and personal, slam down some damage and when the other team decides to focus you, can spacebar and get the hell out of there. It's also very useful for catching opponents running away in conjunction with RMB. Another use that is sometimes missed is that it can avoid your opponents strongest abilities. Have a glutton ult coming straight for you? Spacebar and laugh as it does absolutely nothing.

X: The spearmster dashes toward the cursor and slashes everyone in range there. Locks cooldowns on everyone you hit. 

While locking all cooldowns (all abilities are unavailable for use) is great, it only lasts for 1.5 secs. Situationally incredibly powerful, such as the aforementioned screwing up a healer, but often better to leave alone. 

Q: Q for a spearmaster is a very wide-arcing slash that does moderate damage and stuns everyone within it's 180 degree arc. Slight energy gain.

Great ability that I often use on cd, though sometimes it's better to wait so you can get multiple people, or catch a healer in a bad spot to create more pressure on their team. Amazing ability that should be used often. 

E: The Spearmaster throws a bouncing shuriken that does Good/Moderate/Low damage to up to 3 targets. Very low energy gain

Great ability to use on packed up people as it will hit all three. Also very useful on two targets because it will bounce back to the FIRST target if the second is in range of him when the second target is struck. Downside is it's range is medium, requiring you somewhat close. It's worth using in melee range though if ppl are packed because it's damage is quite high. 

R: The Spearmaster assumes a Kunju stance, which will negate the next attack and cause the spearmaster to reappear behind the attack and slash him. IN THE FACE. Moderate energy gain (but only if someone hits you during it).

This is the spearmasters protection ability. It can also be used as a ghetto gap-closer as well. Between spacebar, R and the stun from Q, a well-played spearmaster can be an INCREDIBLE pain to do damage to. 

F: The spearmaster spins round and round for several seconds doing MASSIVE damage to everyone in it's area of effect. The spearmaster is immune to all slows, ccs and debuffs for the duration. He can still take damage though. 

A somewhat lackluster ult that hits many, many times. The weakness is that to do good damage it needs to hit multiple people many times. Most competent players will teleport out or find some way to avoid the damage (such as an enemy spearmaster using space) to avoid the damage. That being said, if you can get into that rare situation when all 3 of your enemies are together....this ability will win the match in a heartbeat.

Some spearmaster tips and tricks: 

You are NOT a tank, do not go in there hacking and slashing and spammnig F whenever it pops up. You are incredibly easy to kill if you just go charging. 

Weave in and out of combat, stun up an opponent, hit them and get out. Try to take as little damage as possible and pressure when you know you can get away with it. You're very very mobile as a class with 3 abilities to move around the map quickly. Abuse this. Try to spear yourself in, Q them into a stun, strike them with a LMB, then use E on them if there's someone close to them, and weave out, if it looks good, RMB yourself right back in and do it again. Weaving in and out makes you harder to predict.

Disrupt healers. You were made to give healers headaches with THREE abilities that will cancel their casts. Even if you don't kill them, you can put their healing way behind schedule by not letting them do what they want. 

Try to avoid tanks. While you can definitely kill one, your abilities are better suited for squishier targets, especially ranged and healers. Tanks can disrupt you and cc you something fierce and if they can catch you unable to react with your defensives, be prepared to be punished for a lot of damage. And with your low health pool, that's something you just can't have. 

Try to avoid chasing people on foot. Use RMB and R to close the distance. Not only is it damage (and energy gain) but it makes harder to predict where you're going to be. Speed and agility is key to this character. 

How to beat a Spearmaster: 

As counterintuitive as this sounds, ignore him unless he blatantly comes into easy killing range. Kill off his team, then kill him.

As a healer, just try to be as far away from his as possible; a good spearmaster WILL disrupt the fuck out of you and mess your healing up like whoa. 

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