Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BLC - The Igniter

The igniter, a ranged-class character from BLC. He's creepy and likes to play with fire. Um...yeah.

LMB: The igniter throws a fireball that does good damage. Refreshes your ignite if one is present on the target. Good energy gain.

Your bread and butter; a long ranged ability with a short cast time. It's .4 secs long.

RMB: The igniter throws three fireballs in a row, each doing moderate damage and knocking the target back. Ignites anyone struck as well. Good energy gain.

A useful ability when you're not being targeted as it has a slow charge up time and an even longer channeled time. However, once you're channeling out those fireballs, you do a LOT of damage. More importantly it ignites the target, causing them to take 30 damage every 3 secs for 12 secs, which you can easily refresh with the LMB.

Z: The igniter channels a beam of fire, igniting anyone struck and doing massive damage over 4 seconds.

This shares a cd with RMB on the igniter, but both are used somewhat similarly. This ability is very good for igniting entire teams, but it doesn't do the massive damage it's tooltip suggests unless you can keep the beam on them the entire time. Sadly, that's very had to do. Still good for setting kids on fire.

Q: The igniter selects a place on the ground, 1 sec later, it explodes in firey destruction causing moderate damage and stunning anyone in the aoe. Low energy gain and cast time of .6 secs.

A great ability taht can be used at long range as well as medium range (as shown in the picture). Good for stunning heals or getting melee off your back (you can't hit yourself or friendly targets, so just put it down and stand in it to get em..

Space: The igniter disperses into fire balls of DOOM and teleports to a chosen location, burning anyone who may be standing near his impact point. Low energy gain if striking an opponent.

You use this to chase and to run away, as needed. You're super squishy as an igniter, can't let those dps hit ya. ;D

E: The igniter instantly throws a fireball that does moderate damage, knocks back an enemy and locks the next ability they attempt to use. Very high energy gain, long cooldown.

This ability keeps those pesky melee out of your hair. They come zooming for you, slap them with an instant-speed E and get some distance. You can also use it to disrupt others with cast times or to protect a friendly target who's getting beat on.

X: The igniter throws a bouncing fire (up to three times) that does low damage, slows them, and locks all cooldowns.

Basically an uh-oh cooldown to protect yourself or an ally from imminent death. It doesn't lock cooldowns for long, but hopefully long enough for you (or them) to get out of an incredibly bad situation.

R: The igniter turns himself immaterial (and thus undamageable) and after a few seconds, explodes dealing low damage to any enemies nearby. Low energy gain.

This is one of your abilities to buy you time til spacebar is available to kite again or E is available to get people off you. It's not very good as far as damage or worth goes, so only use it when you need those extra seconds to use one of your better abilities.

F: The igniter's ultimate, he turns himself into a living fireball, burning everyone along it's path for massive damage. Leaves a fire trail that burns anyone who stands in it after it's finished as well.

An insanely strong ultimate, especially if you can get two or more people inside. Even after you nail them for heavy damage, if they stay inside it they take even MORE damage. One of the better ults in the game.

Some igniter tips:

Abuse ignite. It's an incredibly strong damager if you can keep it alive with LMB. Don't be afraid to use Z to set people on fire to get it started either.

If you're not being focused. Make liberal use of RMB and E to knock back enemies targetting your allies as well as to ignite them. You are SUPER dangerous if ignored for this reason.

Try to combo out with your abilities as you have a ton of synergy with yourself. For example, once you get a feel for how far E knocks back, knock back someone and then put a Q aoe on top of where they will be after the knockback. Then set up a RMB and ignite them! Nomnomnom. The igniter naturally combos very well with itself.

Fighting an igniter:

DON'T ignore them and let them freecast. They can and will tear you up if you do. They only have spacebar as a real out. E and R are only a temporary reprieves. Force them to teleport, then get to them and tear them to pieces. Igniters have very low hp and are easy gibs if you push through their cooldowns.

When the game has gone longer, be very aware of his ult, as it can instantly win the game if you are positioned poorly. Watch this little guy. He's vicious.

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