Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Put up some shelves in my room three days ago. They worked out sorta funny because my room's ceiling is slanted at about 5 feet and it's a crooked slant...and my bed is old and weird and is slanted as well so the shelf looks TOTALLY level (even though it really IS level, I used a level and such). Bizarre...oh well. i put Jactinat's poem (well, 2 pages of it, since I need to erect the other one to get the entire thing. So...putting em up, I admired my handiwork...and then I unwittingly started reading the poem again. ...It was really amazing, it really hit home the 2nd time, much more than it did the first time. I don't think anyone has ever given me anything with as much meaning to it before. And not only that, but it was really intelligently written too, so it more powerful than just a normal sorta poem. It really helped...describe-without-being-descriptive-more-than-necessary the sort of times we spent together and experiences we had. I guess we're really not that far off from each other at all...maybe this is the ideal sort of relationship? We're almost like 2 sides to the same coin, I'm the darker, more pessimistic one, she's the happier more optimistic one, and we compliment each other and are able to support each others weaknesses and double our strengths. Yeah, we both fight every so often, but if we've come through the arguements we have so far, I think we can probably handle pretty much any arguement that can come up. I'm looking forward to where this one goes....I think things are looking good so far. Today's Card of the day is the 2 of clubs.

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