Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I've been lax in writing. Been busy with looking for cars and work and actually going to work. Oh, and the normal housework I generally do around here. Twas good times today at work. Guy called up and asked about a reservation sometime in july for him and his girlfriend and apparently his wife overheard him and went "What ?!" and a bit of yelling ensued....twas amusing. I think i really like my coworkers and boss. They're all very friendly and so-far very understanding about my being new and very fun to work with. Lots of laughter and such :) Just the kind of job one wants, I think. I think I've been blessed with jobs, all my jobs have been very nice. This one's been even better than my last one, though. Instead of getting paid minimum wage, this time I'm getting paid either 8.15 or 8.25 (can't remember). Still having trouble getting a car...but I'll find one. We'll see...

Just moving forward, moving on, getting ahead....it's what I have to do now.

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